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Orange Whisky Cream Recipe

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Orange Whisky Cream Recipe from


1 packet orange jelly

¾ pint double cream

5 tablespoons thick orange marmalade

2 tablespoons whisky

2 teaspoons powdered gelatine


 1. Make up the jelly with ¾ pint boiling water. Pour ½ pint of the jelly into a bowl and, stirring well, add the gelatine. Chill quickly to a sloppy consistency, but do not allow to set firm

2. To the remaining ¼ pint jelly add the whisky and cool at room temperature

3. Whip the cream, but not stiffly. Add the marmalade, mix in well, and stir this into the ½ pint of half set jelly

4. Pour half the mixture into a dish and set rapidly in the freezer. When set pour on, very carefully, the ¼ pint of whisky flavoured jelly. Again set rapidly in the freezer

5. Pour on the rest of the cream and set in the refrigerator

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