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Traditional Haggis Recipe

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Traditional Haggis Recipe from


1 sheep's stomach bag

1 sheep's pluck - liver, lungs and heart

3 onions

250g beef Suet

150g oatmeal

salt and black pepper

a pinch of cayenne

150mls of stock/gravy


1. Clean the stomach bag thoroughly and soak overnight. In the morning turn it inside out

2. Wash the pluck and boil for 1½ hours, ensuring the windpipe hangs over the pot allowing drainage of the impurities

3. Mince the heart and lungs and grate half the liver

4. Chop up the onions and suet

5. Warm the oatmeal in the oven

6. Mix all the above together and season with the salt and pepper. Then add the cayenne

7. Pour over enough of the pluck boiled water to make the mixture watery

8. Fill the bag with the mixture until it's half full

9. Press out the air and sew the bag up

10. Boil for 3 hours (you may need to prick the bag with a wee needle if it looks like blowing up!) without the lid on

11. Serve with neeps and tatties

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