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Whisky Punch - Hot & Cold Recipes

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Whisky Punch Hot Recipe from

Ingredients for Hot Punch

2 pints of freshly made, hot tea

1 pound of lump/cube sugar

1 bottle of whisky

One thinly sliced lemon


 1. Heat but do not boil the whisky 

2. Pour the hot tea over the sugar and lemon and stir with a silver spoon until all the sugar has dissolved 

3. Add the hot (but not boiling) whisky

4. Flame and serve

Whisky Punch Cold Recipe from

Ingredients for Cold Punch

2 pints boiling water

Half a pound of lump/cube sugar

1 bottle of whisky

3 lemons

A few leaves of mint


1. Use a sharp knife to remove the yellow rind (not the white pith) from the lemons before squeezing out the juice

2.  Place the peel, juice, mint and sugar in a large jug and add the boiling water

3. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. When it is cold, remove the lemon peel and mint and add the whisky

4. Chill before use. Add some thinly sliced soft fruit before serving from a punch bowl

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